Hai bisogno di un preventivo gratuito per il tuo transfer?


Our best wishes for a pleasant and safe journey, as you like. 

We’ve been witnesses of an unprecedented medical emergency. None of us was prepared to face this huge event, which brought the world to its knees. Today, the same world really wants to go back exploring Italy, with all the comforts. 

In order to carefully respect the guidelines provided by the WHO and national/international authorities, we set in place several new standards. These rules are applicable to all the routes we offer. Dear clients, we take care of all of you.  

In particular: 

  • Chauffeurs and clients will wear disposable gloves and masks all the time
  • Everyone will strictly observe social distancing
  • All vehicles will be sanitized after each transfer/daily ride 
  • Chauffeurs will not shake hands 
  • Car refreshments and condiments won’t be available on board
  • All vehicles will be equipped with sanitizing wipes, alcohol gel, masks and disposable gloves for any person who does not have this stuff 
  • The front seaters at the side of the driver have to be empty
  • There should be only 2 passengers per ride
  • For vehicles up to 8 seats, there should be 2 people for each row
  • We strongly suggest to minimize verbal communications, unless clearly necessary

These standards are subject to change, depending on the evolution of the guidelines provided by national authorities.     


We’re counting on you to ensure everyone’s well being on board.

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