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Viaggio confortevole con Autotransfer e la Mercedes Classe S

Appearances can be deceiving, but on business trips they’re absolutely essential. This is especially true for those who choose NCC to make it to your important meetings. Everything must be perfect when you step into that room to meet your client.

It’s a question of good taste.

With our sleek, stylish Mercedes and expert drivers we guarantee the top of the line for our clients: entrepreneurs, managers, high-caliber professionals.
Glad to be your Business Private Drivers.

Business Private Driver. Safe and
secure travel with no time to waste

With public transportation, taxis, or other car services it’s often hard to stay punctual. There’s always a wait and even booking them takes time, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. This is why our NCC services are an increasingly popular alternative for companies.

We are meticulous, precise, and impeccable when it comes to punctuality. This is essential when you have multiple business appointments in a given day. Our automobiles are kept in private garages and set off only upon booking confirmation of a journey, route, or daily service, and solely in the time slots at the discretion of our clients.
Our Business Private Drivers will make you experience a pleasant time.

Our Business Private Driver service

Every single detail of your transportation is decided upon in collaboration with you and on the basis of the needs of your company
We guarantee you will arrive at your destination on time.
Booking is simple and quick, even for travel between cities.
You can choose the time slots and duration of the service.
Upon arrival, whether by car, plane, or boat, you will find one of our drivers waiting for you, even if you are delayed.
In the case of specific needs, you can book vans, minivans, and customized sedans.
The costs are agreed upon before booking the driver.
The driver will monitor airplane and train schedules.
NCC Mercedes Sprinter
Business Private Driver for companies and agencies
that organize meetings and events

Do you have to organize transportation for groups to reach hotels, conference centers, or other companies? We have Mercedes sedans, Mercedes V-Class minivans, and buses (upon request) that can carry up to 56 passengers.

Our Business Private Drivers are for companies who aim for perfection.