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Linate is an important hub for many of those arriving in Italy, especially the ones travelling around Lombardy, going to Garda Lake, Verona, and surrounding areas. Like all airports, Linate is a busy place, and we know that your number one travel wish is to get where you need to go without worrying about traffic, luggage, or confusion.

We’ll be there waiting for you, precise and on time, and we’ll monitor the plane schedules so we know exactly where you are even when you can’t get a hold of us. We’ll carry all of your suitcases and drive you to your destination in the utmost comfort.
Glad to offer you a pleasant Linate Airport Shuttle.

Why you should travel with us

  1. Our vehicles are exclusively four-wheel-drive Mercedes with summer/winter tires. They’ve been registered for no more than three years and are regularly cleaned, sanitized, and serviced.
  2. Every vehicle includes free Wi-Fi, mineral water, and sanitizing napkins.
  3. We are constantly updated on legal regulations and road safety.
  4. Our professional drivers have years of experience. They speak English and are confidently and comfortably able to assist you, whatever your state of mind may be.
  5. We’re flexible and a change of plans is no hassle. We’re able to shift gears without worries.
Mercedes Classe S
Mercedes Classe V NCC

Our proposals for your Linate Airport Shuttle

We can manage your:

  • Single journeys
  • Daily services
  • Multi-day trips
  • Customized trips tailored together to meet your needs!

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